Recovery Tool

ILost Data Recovery Tool specializes in software and services that help you manage, recover, and discover your valuable data.

ILost Data Recovery Tool is an international leader in the data recovery services and electronic discovery (forensic) market. Total Recall’s Professional Services and Software products help customers recover data files lost due to accidental deletion, virus, or physical hard drive failure. Drives damaged by flood and fire are also serviced with an unprecedented success rate.

Using state-of-the art equipment and development techniques, ILost Data Recovery Tool technology also empowers users with ‘same-day’ data recovery service through the utilization of VirtualLab data recovery software. This advanced¬† client/server technology allows users suffering data loss to recover files thought lost forever, from the comfort of their home or office. Because VirtualLab is a remote product, users do not need to experience the downtime of shipping the equipment to our professional lab for recovery.

ILost Data Recovery Tool also has engineering facilities in the Ukraine and several locations throughout the United States that design and deploy the data recovery techniques that continue to shape the data recovery market. ILost Data Recovery Tool technology is used globally by end-users and data recovery companies alike.